Xbox One Exclusives PS4 Owners Should Be Jealous Of

Xbox One Xbox One S

Xbox One Xbox One S

"Xbox One S will be the market leader for us", he said.

While Spencer is not exactly hopeful that Sony will change its stance, he was clear to point out to the GameSpot interviewer that he can't talk on Sony's behalf and that some day PlayStation gamers may be able to play online with Xbox One users. Not much has happened since then but lately, there continues to be a bit of talk regarding the possibility of seeing PlayStation 4 / Xbox One crossplay features. We know in the gaming segment, there are a lot of people who play games casually and there's also people where gaming is their number one hobby. That's a reason they go buy my console.

Microsoft mentioned that they will have a collection that will be revealed later, although players should not expect as many backward compatible games of the Xbox 360. I don't think everybody is taking that same approach to the ecosystem.

"There's some stuff we're going to talk about in that space in terms of how compatibility's going to work on [Xbox One] X specifically that I think people will find pretty interesting", he said. Same with Nintendo. The relationship with Nintendo on this front has been strong. And he's a big advocate of cross-platform gaming in general, which would lead us to suspect we'll see more Xbox Live and Windows 10 PC cross-play games before to long. "Their number one form of entertainment, and we want to give them the very best experience". Three out of four of these new bundles come with a free game out of the box, while the remaining one highlights the company's Netflix-like game subscription service, called Xbox Game Pass.

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