Hamas and Fatah sign agreement on reconciliation

Senior Christian Priest Father Manuel Musallam

Senior Christian Priest Father Manuel Musallam

The Jordanian royal court said that king of Jordan, Abdullah, has made a phone call with Palestinian president Abbas because Hamas and Fatah reach an agreement in Cairo, Egypt's capital, Palestinian leader congratulates specified.

"Qatar supports all efforts to end Palestinian division and will make every effort to reconstruct Gaza".

Under the terms of the deal, the Ramallah-based Palestinian unity government will assume political and administrative responsibility for the Gaza Strip no later than December 1.

Upon taking control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Hamas appointed 42,000 employees to replace the tens of thousands of Palestinian Authority workers who left their positions as the internal Palestinian conflict developed.

The report stated that Hamas will allow the Palestinian Authority government complete freedom of action in Gaza and Hamas has received guarantees and is confident that issues remaining in dispute, namely payment of Hamas employees, "will be solved in a manner that will satisfy the movement".

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