MA lawmakers moving forward quickly with legislation to ban bump stocks

MA lawmakers moving forward quickly with legislation to ban bump stocks

MA lawmakers moving forward quickly with legislation to ban bump stocks

State lawmakers have approved a ban on bump stocks used to make semi-automatic rifles fire more quickly, like those used by the gunman in the Las Vegas massacre. The body passed a prohibition on bump stocks and trigger cranks unanimously on Thursday. Replacing a traditional stock and pistol grip, bump stocks use a rifle's recoil to allow a user to fire more rapidly without seeming to pull the trigger for each round.

The Senate bill would classify bump stocks and trigger cranks under the same state laws restricting machine guns. Some lawmakers say lives may have been saved if the device was not available to the Las Vegas shooter.

"There is no legitimate objective for the use, sale, and possession of these devices or than to cause as much damage as possible", Rosenberg added.

"The Senate's bipartisan action means that those who are not appropriately licensed to possess devices that are in effect approximating a machine gun will be in violation of our state's comprehensive firearms laws", Bruce Tarr, the Senate minority leader and a Gloucester Republican, said in a statement.

Those who violate the measure would face between three and 20 years in prison. "I think it was an oversight on our behalf", Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo said prior to the vote, addressing what lawmakers have called a loophole in the state's famously tight gun laws.

"I think it was an oversight on our behalf, and it's most important that.we take it up immediately and that we again show that MA is the number one state in the country when it comes to battling gun violence", DeLeo said.

The National Rifle Association, of which the Gun Owners Action League is an affiliate, has suggested that the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives should revisit the devices and determine if they should be subject to greater restrictions.

"They don't even know what the ATF's going to do yet", Wallace said before the House vote Wednesday.

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