Murphy Has Five Times More Cash on Hand Than Guadagno

Deep-pocketed Democrat Phil Murphy has dramatically out-raised Republican Kim Guadagno in New Jersey's race for governor and is sitting on more than $5 million in cash reserves a month before the November election. To date, Murphy has raised about $10.3 million and spent $4.8 million.

Murphy has spent about $5 million so far while Guadagno has doled out $2 million. Murphy has more than $5 million in reserves, while Guadagno has less than $1 million. In the general election, he reversed course and chose to participate, capping his total spending at the general election limit of $13.8 million.

Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale is the third-highest fundraiser with just $89,510 raised to date, according to ELEC. Independent Gina Genovese has raised $51,643. Other candidates including Libertarian Peter Rohrman, Constitution candidate Matthew Riccardi, and independent Vincent Ross have not reported any fundraising with ELEC. According to reports that are available, independent groups have raised about $15 million and spent about $9.3 on the primary and general.

Independent committees have injected just $200,000 in spending this summer and fall, a fraction of their primary commitments.

Neither the Democratic Governors Association nor the Republican Governors Association, which have aired attack ads, have yet to disclose their spending, according to ELEC. Guadagno's Building A Better New Jersey Together raised $405,455 ahead of the primary.

Is Murphy's lead over Guadagno shrinking?

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