NZ First board meeting Monday to decide next Government

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters

After much uncertainty, Winston Peters has finally confirmed the date he will meet with the New Zealand First board to decide the next government.

The members will be flying in on Sunday and early Monday morning.

On Friday Peters said his board will meet on Monday.

The NZ First leader's insistence that the identities of the board members remain a secret has been criticised by political commentators, who say New Zealanders have a right to know which group of people will be charged with making the country's biggest political decision in almost a decade.

Asked how long the meeting could last for, Mr Peters replied, "They're booked in for the night if we have to. If we've done enough work, the consideration that [will be] happening on Monday should take far less time than what we're doing [with the work] we're involved with now".

So far, there had been no talks of ministerial positions and the party was still working through policy.

New Zealand First MPs are now in an all day meeting today.

"We've been through their budgets and our own and we've got to make sure that we do agree on the figures we're talking about", Mr Peters said.

But the self-imposed deadline has now passed and Peters has advised he may need until the end of next week to reach a decision, which must be approved by the caucus and the NZ First board.

He expected constant communication between his party and National and Labour through phone and text, but there were no more face-to-face meetings planned.

"It's extraordinarily hard to meet timelines, particularly on this matter that if you are jamming a timeline against a public statement of a date, and you compromise the quality of your decision, that would not be a very good idea - but we know time is of the essence". He said he thought Peters' decision could go either way.

There are nine different governing arrangements and they are all still on the table, Mr Peters said.

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