President's Lawyers Open To Mueller Interviewing Trump — Politico Source

President Trump's lawyers are considering whether he should agree to an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller in the midst of the Justice Department's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, a senior White House official told Politico.

If Mueller doesn't request an interview by Thanksgiving, Trump's lawyers may even force the issue by volunteering Trump's time, the official said.

The president's personal attorney, John Dowd, responded to Politico by stating its report was "Totally false!"

It's hard to believe Trump's lawyers would be anxious to get him in front of Mueller, given the president's well-documented difficulty telling the truth. But it's possible Trump's legal team is simply trying to get the interview out of the way so Trump has another card to play when publicly pressing to end the investigation.

That's what President Donald Trump tweeted in July after his son appeared on Fox News to explain why he set up a meeting with Russian lawyers at the family's NY business tower to obtain political dirt on Democrat Hillary Clinton. A sit down could be a risk, given the president's bombastic and flippant way of speaking, but it could also work in the president's favor, the source told Politico.

This spring, the president told reporters he was "100 percent willing" to testify under oath about alleged ties to the Kremlin.

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