Adobe launches new cloud-based Lightroom CC service

Adobe launches new cloud-based Lightroom CC service

Adobe launches new cloud-based Lightroom CC service

Adobe revealed a major update to its popular photo editing tool, Lightroom CC, today with a brand new interface, workflow, and sharp focus on cloud-based editing. This will allow marketers to use these 3D object for their uses across customer touch points like mobile, the web and in apps (and Adobe Stock is also expanding its collection of 3D objects with support for Dimension).

Lightroom CC has been built around the same image editing technology that supports both Photoshop and Lightroom, with the new interface providing easy-to-use sliders, presets, and quick adjustment tools. With Lightroom CC, photographers can make edits on one device and automatically synchronize their changes everywhere. For $9.99/month, users can get the all-new Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, 20GB of storage, Adobe Portfolio, and Spark.

This new Lightroom CC plan includes just Lightroom and the 1TB storage for $9.99 per month. Fans of Lightroom Mobile can subscribe to a $4.99/month plan offering 100GB of storage.

Adobe has embraced cloud storage in Lightroom CC, and now users will be able to edit and sync full resolution photos in their desktop apps, on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, and on the web.

There are also some new new editing controls, including new Color Range and Luminance Masking functionality that enables users to apply precise edits. The new photography service, previously known as Project Nimbus, coincides with a series of new Creative Cloud photography plans tailored for new and increasingly mobile workflows. It also still includes Lightroom for mobile and web, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC, Adobe Spark with premium features, Adobe Portfolio, and 20 GB of cloud storage.

So to help these large businesses - and the vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies use Adobe's creative tools in some form or another - the company is previewing a new integration between its Creative Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud today. There's also a Lightroom CC plan where you get 1TB of storage and access to Lightroom CC, Lightroom for mobile and web, Adobe Spark and Adobe Portfolio which is also priced at £8.32 a month.

As a complement to the new photography service, Adobe has altered its Creative Cloud photography plans to better match the new features offered by Lightroom CC.

On the whole, though, the other Photoshop updates seem relatively minor (at least in comparison to the big Lightroom news).

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