Facebook slips a screen-sharing feature into Live videos

Facebook Live is one of the most popular features for the platform, and the company is constantly seen makes changes to it. That option is still useful if you'd like to go beyond a simple screen sharing as the new built-in feature is now quite limited. This was initially discovered by The Next Web's Matt Navarra and as the name suggests, this lets users share their desktop screen directly with Facebook Live, eliminating the need for third-party solutions. Instead, you'll have to use Chrome and install Facebook's Screen Sharing browser extension. Right now it appears that the experience is rather basic and straightforward meaning that it lacks certain customizable options that you might get from third-party software, but presumably Facebook should improve on it over time.

Somewhat unfortunately for Mac users, this feature isn't yet supported in Safari. Which means, you can stream your computer on Facebook Live. It doesn't produce the clearest videos either, but if you don't stream for a living anyway, the option looks good enough to use whenever you want to share with friends. Facebook's new method simplifies things by keeping it all in the browser.

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