Dad is just as emotional as his newborn as baby gets vaccinations

This Dad Is All of Us Watching Our Newborns Get a Shot

This Dad Is All of Us Watching Our Newborns Get a Shot

Antwon Lee, 29, shared a video of his two-month-old son Debias King getting his first shots at the pediatrician on October 26 in Warrenton, Georgia.

'I felt his pain but at the same time, it was all about love, ' he said.

The video shows Lee telling his first child to "stay strong" as he comforts the tiny tot. "I know he felt the love because his daddy was there".

Debias wails as the shots get injected into his upper thigh and Lee holds his hand. "Aat that moment, there was pressure, but at the same time, it was handsome".

Lee told the Cox Media Group National Content Desk that he had no idea the video was being recorded during his son's doctor's visit.

A Georgia man has served an inspiration to several people after a video of him comforting his newborn baby went viral.

"I was very emotional".

Antwon soothes baby Debias.

"That night I [spoke] to my son - he's only 2 months - and I let him know: 'Son, I want to see you succeed before I die, '" Lee recalled.

"I talked to him like a grown up".

As nearly any parent will tell you, it is terrible to see your child in pain, no matter if it is an accident or something that will be beneficial to them later, like vaccinations. "I've got to see you succeed". "I want them to ask themselves, 'Do I want to be in their lives?' [because] it's such a lovely thing". This is my first time, ' the father said. "My son is here, I'm signed up for it, and I have a attractive mom for my child, and I'm going to be with him to the day I die".

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