Nvidia Boards 'Star Wars' Hype Train With Collector's Edition Titan Xp

To be fair, NVIDIA's selling the Star Wars Titan Xp GPUs at the same price as the regular Titan Xp, when it could probably charge a premium - so the added LEDs and badge are a nice gesture, albeit one that not everyone will appreciate.

NVIDIA has unveiled a pair of new Titan Xp graphics cards built for Star Wars fans.

The dark side card, on the other hand, boasts red LEDs and is based on Darth Vader's lightsaber.

The new Star Wars-themed Titan Xp Collector's Edition should be available for pre-order tomorrow with a price set at U.S. $1199.99/£1149. Nvidia says it subjected the die cast aluminum exterior of the card to an extensive, corrosive salt spray to achieve the look. By contrast, NVIDIA says the Galactic Empire version features "simple, clean lines, emulating the high-end, orderly nature of the resource-rich Empire".

Both cards have windowed areas to show off the lighting and internals, so they'll look great inside a custom gaming PC that you can peek inside of. "Collector's Edition" has also been engraved on the cards south of the "Titan X" marking. The finishes of both versions took over a year to ideal.

GeForce Experience users get exclusive pre-order access to purchase the Jedi Order and Galactic Empire TITAN Xp editions before the cards are broadly available in mid-November. Their staggering 12TFLOPs of processing power under the hood allows Star Wars fans to play any of today's most cutting-edge titles at the highest resolution with the highest detail quality turned on.

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