Delta Air Lines Passenger Caught Sex Act Under The Blanket in Flight

Airplane sex case: Woman drunk; lewd act occurred as man slept next to them

Airplane sex case: Woman drunk; lewd act occurred as man slept next to them

The 46-year-old California woman and the 28-year-old man had met on the Delta Air Lines flight.

"I felt bad for the guy beside them, but I guess he was sleeping", a passenger wrote in a witness statement, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The female passenger was reportedly "highly intoxicated" and was "continuously disruptive" with Wayne Metro Airport police as she "yelled and screamed" all the way to jail.

The couple was not formally charged with any crimes, the Detroit Free Press reports. The unidentified woman's assigned seat was not in the man's row, but she moved her seat to sit next to him.

Once the plane landed at Detroit Metro, the randy passengers were handcuffed and issued citations from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for lewd and lascivious behavior and for disorderly conduct.

At about 3.30pm on October 29, Detroit Metro police received a report that two passengers were having intercourse on a plane flying into the airport. "They had a blanket partially covering the 'act.' I asked for boarding cards and names".

The officer also spoke with the woman, whose eyes "were bloodshot and red".

Upon the flight's arrival at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, officers say the man attempted to explain that the woman had merely "fallen asleep in his lap but that they did not have intercourse", and added that he only "grabbed her breasts on the outside of her clothes".

A male traveler on board a Detroit-bound Delta flight guaranteed a lady "had nodded off in his lap" after those situated adjacent griped that she'd really been performing oral sex, as indicated by a police report. She left the next day on a different carrier. And keeping in mind that he conceded he'd "snatched her bosoms outwardly of her garments", he said they didn't engage in sexual relations, per the report. "He tried to apologize".

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