Logitech To Brick Its Harmony Link Hub In March 2018



"The technology certificate (for Harmony Link) is an encryption certification that expires in the spring of 2018, which may open the product up to potential security vulnerabilities", Dooley added.

Owners of the product have received an email from the company warning that the Link will completely stop working in March.

The Harmony Link was first introduced back in 2011 and was a popular add-on for those that bought into the Harmony family of universal remote controls. However, there is a technology certificate license that will expire next March. "We've refocused development resources on newer technologies, and therefore, we are not updating the Harmony Link certificate". The Verge has reached out to Logitech for further comment.

Logitech has managed to fall out of favour with more than a few of its customers this week, as the company has made plans to "brick" the Harmony Link. This has already caused quite a stir over on Reddit and the Logitech forums, with many throwing around the idea of a class action lawsuit. Bizarrely, it seems that Logitech has censored that phrase from appearing on its forum.

The forced end-of-life of the Harmony Link is a harsh reminder that companies like Logitech have the power to make useful yet older devices obsolete for whatever reason they see fit. The Link and your phone (or tablet) communicated over Wi-Fi, with the Link sending the corresponding IR signals to your devices to change channels, inputs, volume, or any number of other commands. The Hub, which has the same features plus new ones focused on the smart home, is what Logitech is offering to Link owners as consolation.

Understandably, owners are not impressed with Logitech's offer of a 35 percent discount on its newer Alexa-enabled Harmony Hub for owners whose Harmony Links are out of warranty.

Rory Dooley, head of Logitech Harmony, told Gizmodo in a statement that the decision to turn off the devices "does not impact Logitech's commitment to Logitech Harmony customers", adding that those within a one-year warranty period could exchange their devices for free for an upgraded Harmony Hub. Phasing out customer support and warranty service would be one thing, but it always feels a little cold and mean to just brick something that's given some customers years of utility.

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