Weird, Green Vertical Line Affects Some iPhone Xs

For as exciting as it is to get your hands on a brand new iPhone, nothing can turn that excitement into disappointment faster than a faulty device.

If you just spent north of $1,000 for a brand-new iPhone X, you'll probably be a bit perturbed if your display is anything less than ideal. They didn't notice the bright line, running vertically across their devices, when they first started using the iPhone X. There's also no reason to suspect iPhone trauma as the cuplrit, as the line has even appeared for thoes who have kept their iPhone Xs safe from drops, bumps, or other physical issues. Apple's Support account on Twitter has reached out to numerous affected users, with responses ranging to asking if the users have updated to iOS 11.1.1 to "We'd like to look at this together".

Unfortunately, this user isn't alone and another example of the issue can be seen below.

The long-anticipated iPhone X has only been out on the market for a week, but already seems to have its share of technical issues.

Curiously, one person encountering the problem had a vertical green line appear on the left side of his iPhone X display instead of the right.

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