Iraqi Kurds Pledge to Respect Court Ruling Banning Secession

A boy rides a bicycle with the flag of Kurdistan in Tuz Khurmato Iraq

A boy rides a bicycle with the flag of Kurdistan in Tuz Khurmato Iraq

Meanwhile, a member of the Shiite National Iraqi Alliance, Iskandar Vetut, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Baghdad will not compromise on the conditions of annulment of the "illegal" referendum, handing over border gates to the Iraqi government and withdrawal of peshmerga to the pre-2003 borders.

It followed a controversial referendum on the secession of the Kurdish region, which was held on September 25 in defiance of strong objection from Baghdad and Iraq's neighbors, particularly Iran and Turkey.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), based in Erbil, said in a statement that it would respect the Federal Supreme Court's ruling on November 6.

"We believe that this decision must become a basis for starting an inclusive national dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve all disputes through implementation of all constitutional articles and in a way that guarantees all rights, authorities and status mentioned in the Constitution, since this is the only way to secure the unity of Iraq", the Kurdistan Regional Government said in its statement.

The concession over the court ruling marks the Kurds' latest attempt to revive negotiations with the central government, which imposed retaliatory measures following the independence vote. In the wake of the vote, Iraqi federal forces seized the northern city of Kirkuk and other disputed areas from the Kurds.

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