Pokemon GO New Avatar Items Tie-In with Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Niantic  The Pokémon Company

Niantic The Pokémon Company

Better yet, these new Pokemon GO avatar items are available completely free of charge.

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Go now has avatar clothing items based off of outfits worn by the player characters in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Players can access one free set of clothes per gender, both of which are remarkably faithful to the styles seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

You now have the ability to dress your characters in clothing from the Alola region, featured in Sun and Moon - as revealed on Twitter.

The female avatars will be wearing sun hats, orange tank tops, shorts and sandals. There have been numerous events so far for Pokemon GO, but this actually marks the very first time that an in-game event has been used to promote the release of another Pokemon game. The male outfit includes a light blue tanktop, white shorts, a new bucket hat, a new type of backpack, and bright red shoes.

There's been a lot of synergy between Pokemon Go and the other games in the franchise lately, adding some more zest to the app.

While it's great that Pokemon Go is tossing in some references for fans of the current Pokemon games, players shouldn't anticipate any secret additions of Alolan Pokemon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon make their big release on November 17. After all, Pokemon GO still has yet to introduce the vast majority of third generation Pokemon to the game, and since the Alola region wasn't introduced until Gen 7, chances are good that it will be years before they're added.

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