Vidya Balan shuts the reporter like a boss for fat shaming her

Tumhari Sulu

Tumhari Sulu

He clarified his statement by saying, "I mean, have you thought of losing weight for more glamorous roles?"

Recently, during a promotional event of her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu, the actress was asked by a reporter when she would be losing weight for a film.

On the film front, the actress is looking forward to the release of "Tumhari Sulu". Without going under a knife, Vidya has worked on her own terms.

Sure, male stars have higher footfalls and arguably see a much heightened level of fandom, but, if anything, Vidya Balan is the exception to this rule. "It would be great if you could change your perception".

However, it's really hard to change people's perspective who think a well toned up body of a woman can only be called glamorous. Do you think this role can not be played by a woman with a lean body? Time is changing at a lightning speed but it will still take time for people to change their narrow and generalizing mentalities.

The journalist said that we have been seeing Vidya in a lot of women-centric films. The story revolves around a house maker who chances upon an opportunity of becoming a RJ.

The female reporters present chimed in after that with their support for her and a smiling Vidya thanked them. The weird question left the actress visibly shocked. To which Vidya calmly answered, " I am very happy with what I'm doing.

Sadly, Youtube commenters seem to have a whole other point of view.

More power to you, Vidya.

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