Great Yarmouth man David Dearlove leaves court after murder trial starts

Tot’s brother ‘saw stepdad murder him 50 years ago’			
   by Tom White 

Tot’s brother ‘saw stepdad murder him 50 years ago’ by Tom White Published

David Dearlove, 71, had always claimed his 19-month-old stepson, Paul Booth, died after banging his head when he fell out of bed at their home in Stockton-on-Tees in October 1968.

A man murdered his 19-month-old stepson nearly 50 years ago by swinging him round by the ankles and smashing his head into a fireplace, a court heard.

Peter was not questioned by police at the time but - after several attempts to have the case reopened - he was interviewed in 2015, the court heard.

"What he said in that interview is what has led us here, 50 years on, to the trial of David Dearlove for the murder of his stepson, Paul Booth".

Mr Wright QC said Peter Booth told police his brother's death "was not the result of an accidental fall".

The prosecutor said that Peter Booth contacted David Dearlove Jr to demand he remove the photograph from Facebook and chose to contact police.

Pensioner to stand trial over historic child murder

'Through a gap in the door into the sitting room he had seen David Dearlove swinging Paul Booth around whilst holding on to his ankles, ' he said.

Dearlove, who now lives in Great Yarmouth, was in a relationship with the boys' mother, Carol Booth, for two years from 1968 to 1970.

The jury heard that doctors found multiple bruises of "differing ages" and Paul had suffered numerous "non-accidental injuries".

He said: "There was therefore a substantial history of injuries being occasioned to Paul in a series of incidents prior to his death, often at a time when only David Dearlove was present and in charge of the child".

The jury was told that Mr Dearlove allegedly abused Paul's two siblings, which account for the cruelty charges.

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