Maryland fishermen claim to have made rare moonfish catch

Fishermen claim to have made rare catch off Ocean City coast

Fishermen claim to have made rare catch off Ocean City coast

Austin Ensor and his Maryland fishing buddies were out this past weekend trying to drag out fishing season as long as possible and now their rare find may have them hanging on a little further into fall.

Opahs, also known as moonfish or sunfish, are the only known warm-blooded fish and tend to be found in tropical waters.

Ensor says that they plan on eating the fish on Tuesday and said he was contacted by several local chefs who have served opah before. They could tell by the fight the fish put up that it was going to be bigger than the swordfish.

According to Ensor, it took over an hour to reel in the 105-pound-fish which was a collective effort between Ensor and crew members Tommy Clark, Brian Stewart and James Dozerbach.

Ensor said since he follows fishing-themed Facebook and Instagram accounts from the West Coast, he soon realized they just reeled in a rare catch: a 105-pound opah, or moonfish.

Austin Ensor says that they divided the fish among family and friends to eat for dinner.

"It was definitely our rarest catch", said Ensor, who also says the crew tends to bring in tuna and swordfish. The first bite resulted in a almost 80 pound swordfish on the boat, but it was what bit after they cast their next line that caught the crew by surprise.

"It was great", said Ensor. It could be the first time anyone has caught this kind of fish in Ocean City. "Got it on the boat, got it in and probably a highlight of our season".

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