Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is free now!

You can now grab Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for free

You can now grab Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for free

This is in addition to several other perks that will be rewarded to all players.

Following the surprise announcement at BlizzCon earlier this month, StarCraft II is now free to play.

Starting November 14th, the original Wings of Liberty campaign is free.

If you already own Wings of Liberty, you'll receive the Heart of the Swarm add-on.

Starcraft II is available for both Windows and Mac, but before you can get it, you'll need a Blizzard account.

The free-to-play option includes the complete Wings of Liberty single-player story campaign (which, incidentally, earned a 9.5 rating from GameSpot when it debuted in 2010). You can access the Ranked Multiplayer ladder by completing 10 "First Wins of the Day" in Unranked Multiplayer or Versus AI modes.

If you're a fan of the co-op commander system, you can play them all for free up to level 5. You'll be able to tackle these extra challenging missions with your friends right away. You'll see Raynor and Kerrigan as well as Artanis, all three of whom are always free without restriction.

StarCraft 2's expansions, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will continue to be sold as an additional purchase, as will the Nova Covert Ops. We will also continue to offer premium upgrades like announcer packs, special skins, and new Co-op Commanders to enhance your StarCraft II experience in a number of different ways.

A new onboarding experience will also help new players find the game modes that make the most sense for them, whether you're looking for a co-op experience or want to jump straight into the PVP ranked ladder.

You also get access to all multiplayer units in the Unranked Multiplayer and Custom game modes.

As promised a couple weeks back, Blizzard's classic, beloved real-time strategy game Starcraft II is now free to play.

Between November 8 and December 8, players who already have Wings of Liberty (as of October 31, 2017) can get a free digital copy of Heart of the Swarm.

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