Will help develop anti-spam app in India

Customers queue outside the Apple Store

Customers queue outside the Apple Store

The app, called Do Not Disturb, has been available on Android for months.

Apple has been fighting the India government over approving an iOS app to block spam calls and texts in the region for some time now.

According to Reuters, Apple has pushed back on the regulator's requests due to privacy concerns about a government app having access to a user's call and text logs.

Apple will now help India develop a mobile app to help block spam calls and messages, after initially refusing to do so due to privacy concerns.

An Apple spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed News that a new iOS feature which lets third-party apps filter junk messages would help the regulator in building an iOS anti-spam app. However, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) R.S. Sharma said he was unhappy with Apple for not responding swiftly to the government's requests.

"Neil Shah of Hong Kong-based technology research firm Counterpoint Research told Reuters that "This has now become more of an ego tussle between Apple and the regulator", adding that Apple was unlikely to agree to any requests specific to India because of the precedent that would set". Facing criticism from the regulator, Apple finally chose to go ahead and help develop the app but only "with limited capabilities". Those using abusive language or negative behavior will result in being blacklisted on Disqus.

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