New York Congressman John Faso To Vote No On Republican Tax Proposal

Congressman John Faso

Congressman John Faso

WASHINGTON, D.C. | The House of Representatives passed tax reform legislation on Thursday, fulfilling a long-standing pledge to overhaul the nation's tax code for the first time in 30 years. It is unfair to hardworking taxpayers, contains too many loopholes for special interests and is hampering the growth of our economy and ability of American workers to compete in the global economy.

The second-term lawmaker said she will continue to work closely with her colleagues from other highly taxed states to ensure that the final tax reform package in Conference "addresses these concerns and provides real tax relief for families in New York's 21st District". Unfortunately, I do not believe the current tax bill being considered by the House meets all of these goals. "I remain concerned about the elimination of the state and local tax deduction which penalizes tax payers in high taxed states like NY". While the full SALT income tax deduction for individuals is repealed, full deductibility will remain in effect for corporations and other business entities, thereby protecting taxpayers in states like Texas which rely more heavily on corporate taxes. "I will be voting no today to stand up for NY taxpayers in my district".

On health care, they gave the wrong answer, by supporting a bill that would have been deprived 1 million New Yorkers of adequate health care and cost taxpayers almost $7 billion over five years, causing severe financial stress for the state.

Lastly, contrary to the rhetoric of Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer, most middle income taxpayers in our district would receive tax cuts under this bill. Specifically, she opposed provisions that would eliminate state and local tax deductions for NY taxpayers. These revenue reductions will ultimately hurt our district as the state's tax base is further eroded.

The House GOP tax plan is a net loser for NY taxpayers, transferring billions of dollars to other states. The constant call from the political left to "tax the rich" is actually helping to destroy our tax base and jobs for our citizens.

"Any member from NY that votes for this bill is voting to take billions of dollars from middle class New Yorkers and send that money to corporations, billionaires and other states", Cuomo said. They're loyal to the people who elected them.

"This Republican tax plan is an absolute disaster for our district", said Don Boyajian of Saratoga County.

"I'm pleased that she kept her word, that she said she was going to", said Shemo after the vote.

"While Congresswoman Stefanik voted against it, she didn't take on her leadership and fight to stop it. We deserve a leader who is going to fight for us, not someone who goes along to get along".

"She should have been actively fighting against a bill she knew would be bad for her constituents", Martz said in a statement.

"This is a tax plan that will require drastic cuts in services that are needed most in our region - Medicare, Medicaid, heat-assistance programs, job training and job opportunities for veterans".

"This is exactly the kind of lawmaking that has made Americans so acutely aware of the disconnect between the issues they live and breathe every day, and the Washington insiders who legislate exclusively to benefit their moneyed special interests", said Wilson in a statement.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said voters will not forget next year if the tax plan should become law.

"Rep. Stefanik's constituents will hold her accountable for this middle-class tax hike next November".

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