Clay Matthews on Aaron Rodgers: 'Probably should've kept him off IR'

Clay Matthews on Aaron Rodgers: 'Probably should've kept him off IR'

Clay Matthews on Aaron Rodgers: 'Probably should've kept him off IR'

The next two games against Tampa Bay and Cleveland are very winnable, however, and at 7-6, the Packers could stroll into Carolina with a chance to win their final three and potentially make it in as a wild card. The Packers have struggled in limiting primary receivers this season, so they'll need to do their best to contain Evans and Jackson and limit the amount of explosive plays they get if they want to give Hundley a chance at keeping his team one step ahead.

A Packers team in the playoff hunt may wish they had not put Rodgers on the IR if he's ready to play sooner than Week 15.

He can begin practicing this week, and Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had to address the possibility on Monday.

The Green Bay Packers linebacker got an up-close look at the quarterback's rehab from his broken collarbone and came away with this revelation: "I think we probably should have kept him off IR". "You can sit there and you can jump around and look at schedules and all that".

At the same time, Matthews feels some regret, thinking that the Packers might have just opted to keep Rodgers on the active roster instead of putting him on the injured reserve list. He's knocking it out of the park, he's going at it 120 miles an hour. Given the fact that the team does not work out on Fridays, the earliest he could get back on the field is Saturday. "We'll see what the end of the week brings". Crosby missed what would have been the longest field goal in Heinz Field history, and the Steelers took over at their own 47 and quickly drove for the game-tying touchdown. "Part of that is if you are looking at the big picture and I know no game is bigger than the next one but we have got to win these next two and when Aaron is back in the helm we got a pretty good squad", Matthews said. Crosby kicked the extra point to tie the game. "He's undefeated", Zook said. Justin McCray, who initially replaced Bulaga, will be the first man off the bench as a versatile backup at all five positions.

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