Body bag sent 'flying' through Auckland intersection

The gurney slides to a stop. Source NZ Herald

The gurney slides to a stop. Source NZ Herald

The shocked driver, who captured the macabre moment on dashcam footage, believed a dead body was on the stretcher as it rolled through the busy junction in Auckland, New Zealand, yesterday.

The moment was captured by the dashcam of a motorist while he was passing through the intersection of Sandringham and Balmoral Roads.

The man who saw the gurney rolling across the road told the New Zealand Herald he believed a body was on it after hearing a bang as he pulled up to the lights.

The undertakers have insisted that there was no body in the gurney.

The motorist, who did not wish to be named, said he assumed a piece of timber or a heavy item had fallen from the auto when he heard a bang - and did not expect to see what looked like a body.

The funeral company whose hearse flew open sending a stretcher flying across a busy Auckland intersection yesterday is reassuring the public there was no body inside.

A staff member at the Caltex petrol station nearby said he peered outside to see the driver of the hearse hurriedly putting the gurney and body bag back into the auto, describing it as a "crazy" scene.

It rolls through the intersection at speed before coming to a halt at the side of the road.

The astounded onlooker watched as the hearse driver stopped the vehicle, jumped out and retrieved the gurney with the help of a passing motorcyclist.

However, Davis Funerals' managing director Craig Little said the body bag on top of the gurney was empty at the time and the illusion of a body was due to the way the body bag was positioned.

However, he said he could understand why anyone would think that there was a body on the stretcher.

He also thought there was a body inside, and described the scene as "crazy".

When he accelerated at the intersection, the stretcher fell out.

Chief executive Katrina Shanks said it would not have happened if there was a body inside the bag.

The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand said the incident was a "rare mistake" which was being investigated by the funeral home.

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