Colorado State Rep Arrested For Bringing Loaded Gun To The Airport

Colorado House of Representatives

Colorado House of Representatives

A Colorado state lawmaker was arrested Tuesday afternoon at Denver International Airport on suspicion of bringing a gun into the hub.

Saine "knowingly" brought the weapon to the north security checkpoint, according to a probable cause statement.

The Kahr Arms 9mm semi-automatic handgun was discovered by a Transportation Security Administration agent as Saine went through an x-ray machine.

Federal agents found four rounds in the magazine but none in the chamber, according to the probable cause statement.

Associated Press described Saine as a Republican who has advocated for gun rights in the past.

The report says Saine requested an attorney and was taken to jail. It is not clear why she brought the gun to the airport.

Saine was held in jail overnight without bond, and was scheduled to appear Wednesday afternoon in court.

Rep. Lori Saine of Weld, Colo., was picked up after the baggage screeners noticed what looked like a loaded handgun in her carry-on bags, and police say she may have done it intentionally, the Denver Post reports. In addition, Saine has received permission to travel out of the state.

A regional sales director for a mobile alerts company, Saine was elected in 2012.

In the 2017 legislative session, Saine sponsored a bill to repeal prohibitions on ammunition magazines.

She is an avid gun rights activist, and has introduced or cosponsored a number of firearms bills. Sandy Hook left 20 students and six teachers dead after a man packing heavy firearms embarked on a shooting spree.

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