Instagram Direct is Becoming its Own App

Instagram is reportedly separating Direct messages into its own separate, Snapchat-like app

Instagram is reportedly separating Direct messages into its own separate, Snapchat-like app

Instagram is working on a dedicated messaging app. They can push the boundaries to create the fastest and most creative space for private sharing, Shah added, when Direct is a camera-first, standalone app. When tapping on Direct from your home screen, you'll be greeted by a camera UI similar to what you'll find within Direct now.

Direct would be available from today in Italy, China, Turkey, Israel, Portugal and Uruguay for both the Android and iOS. The move would mirror the actions of its parent company Facebook, which removed messaging from the core Facebook app in 2014 and replaced the feature with the standalone Facebook Messenger app. When users install Direct, the inbox from the main Instagram app will disappear. The app itself sounds pretty barebones, but the transition Instagram's built between the two sounds incredibly sleek.

Instagram is testing a standalone app called Direct, which will serve as an app for private messages.

The Direct app, in its current state, is simple and straightforward.

The challenge for Instagram would be to expand Direct at the same time maintaining its simplicity which is the most appealing factor of the app. You can also look at your profile and settings, and view and send messages to other Instagram users. This is similar to how Snapchat opens, which is a way to encourage users to start taking and sharing photos. Since Instagram is also positioning Direct as a camera-first app, it also comes with four exclusive filters which aren't available in the main Instagram app.

If one gets successful in downloading Direct, they would notice that it would remove the by default inbox from the mainstream messaging application.

Well, get ready for the sequel, as the same thing is about to happen with Instagram. As of April 2017, Instagram Direct, still married to the Instagram app, had around 375 million active monthly users. Now, it has grown to 1.3 billion users, as pointed out by Business Insider.

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