Move Over Law Gets New Campaign

Governor, safety leaders launch safe-driving campaign

Governor, safety leaders launch safe-driving campaign

Gov. Bruce Rauner joined state officials to announce a new roadway safety campaign aimed at raising awareness of Scott's Law.

"We'll have people come by, don't move over lanes for whatever reason, or they'll decide the guy in the left lane is going too slow and they want to hurry up and try to pass so they move to the right lane", said Illinois State Police officer Greg Miller.

Most drivers are likely aware of Scott's Law, also known as the "Move Over" Law. It mandates drivers approaching police or other emergency vehicle stopped along the roadway, to proceed with caution and change lanes when possible.

The law was expanded in January 2017 to include any auto pulled over on the side of the road that has their hazard lights flashing.

Drivers who fail to comply face serious penalties, including a fine of up to $10,000, two-year suspension of driving privileges and possible jail time.

"Making the roads of IL the safest ever is one of my top priorities, and the Move Over law helps us to do that", said Secretary of State Jesse White. "Every day, emergency personnel are working to serve and protect us". "These tragedies and countless others across the nation could have been prevented if drivers remained alert and simply followed the laws created to keep them and other motorists safe".

"If you see flashing lights, please just move over".

"We're calling on other leaders, communities and drivers throughout IL to join us and spread the word", he said.

Last year IL had 1,073 traffic fatalities. Currently, this year 1,015 traffic fatalities have occurred in the state.

Drivers are encouraged to visit for more information about the initiative.

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