Pay for many private university chiefs tops $2M

Johns Hopkins University president among top 30 highest-paid private college presidents in new report

Johns Hopkins University president among top 30 highest-paid private college presidents in new report

For the third year in a row, a Chronicle of Higher Education analysis revealed Boston University President Robert Brown out-earned every other private college leader in MA. Nathan Hatch, the president of Wake Forest University in North Carolina, tops the list, taking home a staggering $4 million in 2015.

The second highest paid president in 2015 was James Wagner, the former leader of Emory University in Atlanta, who earned $3.5 million.

For the past decade, the Chronicle of Higher Education has analyzed the pay of 1,200 university leaders at more than 600 private colleges and almost 250 public universities and university systems.

On the public side, University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst made $852,773 in total pay during the 2015-16 school year, good enough to place her 13 among 254 chief executives in public schools, according to the study. Former Duke University President Richard Brodhead received $1,257,980 in 2015, including $950,754 in base salary. The third was Nido Qubein, president of High Point University, whose total package was $1,080,026, of which $665,214 was base salary. Presidents of the universities of Chicago, Pennsylvania and Southern California rounded out the top five among private presidents in 2015.

Pay packages for private college presidents "have continued to rise, as the number earning more than $1 million spiked in 2015" and average compensation rose 9%, The New York Timesreports, based on an annual survey compiled by The Chronicle of Higher Education. That same year, N.C. State University Chancellor Randy Woodson received $796,236, which included a bonus of more than $200,000.

Brown's salary is determined each year by BU's Board of Trustees, and Steve Zide, the chair of the trustees compensation committee, said the president's large check reflects the change he has affected during his tenure: "The BU of today is in many important ways a different school from the BU of 2005", Zide said in the press release. Hatch's achievements in fund-raising and other areas have been worth the investment, said Donna Boswell, head of the university's governing board. The study is based on the latest available federal tax filings.

Caret's salary is "an appropriate reflection of the USM's national scope and the system's success under his leadership in having among the smallest tuition increases nationally while improving graduation rates and continuing to make the system a major economic and workforce development driver for the state of Maryland", USM spokesman Mike Lurie said in a statement. Hatch has implemented a test-optional admissions policy, increased diversity and overseen a significant campus renovation, Boswell said.

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