Crytek is suing Star Citizen developer over breech of contract

The End Is Nigh 2

The End Is Nigh 2

This results in Crytek's accusation that Star Citizen still partly runs on its proprietary engine and boasts its code within the title's marketing.

One such lawyer is Ortwyn Freyermuth, co-founder of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and Roberts Space Industries (RSI) alongside Wing Commander veteran Chris Roberts. In that Agreement, Defendants promised, among other things, (i) to use the CryEngine game development platform exclusively and to promote that platform within the video game, (ii) to collaborate with Crytek on CryEngine development, and (iii) to take a number of steps to ensure that Crytek's intellectual property was protected. Amusing enough Lumberyard is itself based on the CryEngine and purchased from Crytek. Complicating things further is the fact that Lumberyard, though heavily modified and built upon, is based on Cryengine. But the GLA only granted the developers the right to use the engine in Star Citizen, and by splitting them up, CIG is "intentionally and willfully using Cryengine without a license and in violation of copyright laws". Crytek also wants a "permanent injunction" against Cloud Imperium that would prevent the company from using any of Crytek's copyrighted work.

RSI plans to launch a multi-player interstellar trade and combat game as well as a dedicated first-person shooter called Squadron 42, that is set in the Star Citizen galaxy. But it also opens the door to some interesting and potentially awkward questions.

The End Is Nigh 2

"Notwithstanding that he had confidential information about Crytek's licensing practices that would unfairly advantage Defendants, Freyermuth never recused himself from those negotiations and never resolved that conflict of interest with Crytek", the suit states.

RSI's decision to switch from CryEngine to a separate game development system from Amazon, called Lumberyard, also allegedly breaks contractual agreements between the two firms, it claimed.

"We are aware of the Crytek complaint having been filed in the US District Court", a spokesperson said in a statement to Polygon. However, and after changing engines, Cloud Imperium removed them.

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