Sessions Offers Meek Defense Of FBI In Face Of Trump's Attacks

Sessions Offers Meek Defense Of FBI In Face Of Trump's Attacks

Sessions Offers Meek Defense Of FBI In Face Of Trump's Attacks

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department is taking concerns about political bias within the FBI seriously and that he generally believes the bureau "is doing a great job around the country". The announcement comes days after Sessions held a press conference in Baltimore to discuss the Trump administration's efforts to crack down on illegal immigration and global gangs.

"Our responsibility is to provide the highest possible professional standards of law enforcement we can provide to the American people - that we do so in an effective way and we do so honorably and with integrity", Mr. Sessions said, speaking at the Justice Department on Friday afternoon.

President Trump's attorneys this week called for a second special counsel to investigate the connections between the Justice Department and the firm, Fusion GPS, after it was reported that the wife of a demoted Justice Department official once worked for it.

Russian Federation has denied meddling in the 2016 election, and Trump has repeatedly said his campaign did not collude with Russian Federation.

Trump referred to "documents" handled by the FBI in an apparent reference to texts that revealed anti-Trump bias by two agents working on the federal probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. One of the employees, Peter Strzok, was removed from the investigation after the messages were discovered.

"We will not cede a community, a block or a street corner to violent thugs" who peddle drugs on street corners or gangs, Sessions said.

"I got to tell you, sometimes, things that might appear to be bad in the press have more innocent explanations", Sessions said cryptically during a press conference Friday.

"We will not be reluctant to admit error". Sessions said 40 prosecutors would be deployed to 27 crime "hotbeds" nationwide, including in Islip, N.Y.; Detroit, Mich.; and Oakland, Calif.

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