USA overturns net neutrality rules aimed at ensuring free, open web

Brief Security Scare Disrupts FCC Vote on Net Neutrality

Brief Security Scare Disrupts FCC Vote on Net Neutrality

Substratum is appealing to investors for its ability to essentially circumvent the problems net neutrality's repeal may invite, as the service functions like a more efficient VPN or Tor browser.

The United States has made a decision to do away with legislation that regulates internet service providers.

Though the FCC has voted for repeal, there are several avenues by which net neutrality could remain in place. "Because our streamer community - many of which are small business owners - depend on their viewers having easy access to their channels and reliable quality of service, repealing net neutrality will erode the power of the internet to enable and create these types of jobs".

"Despite the pleas of millions of Americans, President Trump's FCC voted to change the internet as we know it, and turn it into yet another money-making tool for large corporations". Basically, net neutrality gives people equal access to all websites, as long as it isn't illegal dark web content. Known as net neutrality, the regulations ensure that ISPs can not dictate or block customer access to data and other services.

NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman has announced he will lead a multi-state lawsuit against the vote that "gave big telecom an early Christmas present" and "will give ISPs (Internet Service Providers) new ways to control what we see, what we do, and what we say online". Since he was ignored, he said he is planning to introduce net neutrality legislation as well. Advocacy group Free Press issued a statement saying that it was going to support Sen. If FCC won't protect free/open internet, we will.

"Without these rules (net neutrality), internet service providers will be able to favour certain websites and e-businesses, or the platforms they use to garner new customers, over others by putting the ones that can pay in fast lanes and slowing down or even blocking others", said a letter jointly written by more than 200 companies, including Reddit, Airbnb, Twitter and Pinterest in November. A staggering 83 percent of voters were opposed to this repeal, and consumer interest groups are already getting ready to challenge the FCC's decision in Congress and the courts. "There's been quite a bit of conversation about my plan to restore Internet freedom", Pai said in the video. BREAKING: The FCC just voted to gut all existing #NetNeutrality protections, allowing ISPs to control what we see and do online with new fees, throttling, and censorship.

Online, open internet defenders reacted to the ruling.

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