This New Year special for millenium youth: Modi

PM Narendra Modi addresses last Mann Ki Baat of 2017

PM Narendra Modi addresses last Mann Ki Baat of 2017

This time, he suggested a "mock parliament" in every district of the country, where 18 to 25-year-olds could sit together discuss "how we can accomplish our goals by 2022 and build an India that our freedom fighters dreamed of".

Mentioning about 26th January, Mr Modi said Republic Day is a historic festival for all of us but this time it will be celebrated with leaders of all ten ASEAN countries coming to India as chief guests.

Re-iterating the importance of the Indian youth, Prime Minister Modi claimed that those aged 18 to 25, or the New India Youth, are filled with energy and enthusiasm, and are capable of assisting India scale greater heights of growth with their skill set.

The PM made the announcement on his Mann ki Baat radio address, in which he also wished the nation on New Year Eve. "A "New India" which has "Shanti", "Ekta" and "Sadbhavna" as its guiding force", says PM Modi during Mann ki Baat.

Calling them the "New India Youth", PM Modi said they will form the basis of new India, which will be free of evils like corruption, casteism, corruption and terrorism.

Mr Modi said, 1st January 2018, is going to be a special year as people born in year 2000 or later will gradually begin to become eligible voters, the New India voters.

The Prime Minister has been expanding regularly on his concept of New India, which he had outlined in 2016.

"The final Mann Ki Baat of 2017 on the final day of the year...looking forward to your inputs for the programme on 31st".

Stressing on gender equality, PM Modi said that his government has done away with the requirement of a male guardian accompanying a Muslim woman to Hajj.

Modi said that "service to people" was the biggest identity of humankind and also a part of India's culture. Our vision of a "New India" is where everyone gets oppurtunities and flourish and where the aspirations of all are fulfilled... "This is unprecedented in India's history", the Prime Minister said.

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