Instagram tests letting users post Stories directly to WhatsApp

WhatsApp on New Year's Eve 20 Billion Messages Sent in India 75 Billion Worldwide

WhatsApp on New Year's Eve 20 Billion Messages Sent in India 75 Billion Worldwide

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is now running a test which will allow select users to share their Instagram Stories directly on WhatsApp as WhatsApp Status.

An Instagram Story posted as a WhatsApp Status becomes encrypted like any other message on the app, and will disappear after 24 hours.

The reader who tipped us off on it is based in Brazil, where a local blog has also been reporting several sightings in the wild, one of which (on Android) is pictured here, with the Instagram Story on the left, and the WhatsApp Status cross-posted on the right (note the Instagram icon in the corner).

Facebook tells me that as of last November there were more than 300 million daily active users of Instagram Stories.

One danger in doing so is that users on two or more Facebook-owned platforms may start seeing the same content multiple times.

TechCrunch, who first spotted the update, says the latest feature is now being tested with a small number of users in Brazil.

Facebook has already made a change that will allow you to post a story directly to the site - with this change just the latest in improving flexibility.

The first of all is to make it more functional and give more usage to Instagram Stories, and directly affecting the usage of the Snapchat product they were created to clone.

When Instagram users press the "add to Story" button, they will see a new menu, with the option to share Snapchat-like Stories to WhatsApp.

There are a number of reasons why Facebook is very interested in the making Instagram Stories more shareable, and most specifically on the messaging platform WhatsApp.

Instagram is now testing a new system where you'll be able to upload your Instagram Story onto WhatsApp.

Social media giant Facebook is ruling the social space for a decade, and combined with Whatsapp and Instagram, the company has hardly any competition.

The feature is based on WhatsApp's ability to be integrated within other apps.

Altogether all this will help Facebook to grow, it's for overall engagement and traffic footprint.

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