Health Officials Report the Flu Season is Hitting Ohio Hard

Health Officials Report the Flu Season is Hitting Ohio Hard

Health Officials Report the Flu Season is Hitting Ohio Hard

However, many hospitals, such as UCLA Medical Center, are treating over 200 patients a day who are suffering from the flu. Wally Ghurabi stated, refering to the 1994 catastrophe that executed handfuls and harmed thousands.

Though the flu killed three Californians by this time a year ago, 68 people had died from it by the end of February, according to state data. The flu season is typically at its worst around February. Paramedics and ambulances are strained because of the number of calls that have been made. She says flu shots are the best way to prevent the flu or make it less serious if you get it. Yet, the vast majority in California and whatever is left of the nation are getting an especially perilous strain of flu that the antibody regularly doesn't function admirably against.

"It tends to cause more deaths and more hospitalizations than the other strains", said Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, Los Angeles County's interim health officer. Different drug stores announced that they were running low on the prescription or were out totally.

Caroline Bringenberg was prescribed Tamiflu on Wednesday but the 25-year-old Los Angeles resident said her local CVS had run out of it. Her drug specialist disclosed to her everything of the drugstores' provisions in the region had been drained. "I think sincerely it would exacerbate me feel to be in the auto driving all finished town, so I've quite recently settled on ibuprofen and DayQuil".

While Tamiflu doesn't eliminate influenza, it can lessen the severity of symptoms and how long they last.

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