California mudslides sweep away auto in shocking video caught by firefighters

Driver Escapes Burbank Mudslide

Driver Escapes Burbank Mudslide

"I got out, pat the bumper a little in the back, put it back in place and kept going", he said.

Franklin and his girlfriend jumped in his Prius but before they could make it down Country Club Road the mud caught up with them. "We know we are lucky this turned out to be a positive story". In this unsafe scenario, a man escaped a massive mudslide by racing his vehicle down a hill and counts himself as extremely lucky that he could manage to escape it unhurt, unharmed and alive.

The video emerged as rescuers frantically search for people who went missing after mudslides ravaged parts of Southern California earlier this week.

"The steering wheel was shaking and we could feel boulders and rocks underneath us", said Franklin. They began packing their things and shoveled about 2 to 4 feet of mud that was caked up in front of the driveway, Franklin said. "I guess this is going to be it for me, right here", he thought. "She's screaming at the top of her lungs - 'Hey, go faster, go go go, ' she's pulling my shirt", he recalled.

Watch Prius Surfs Downhill in Rushing Burbank Mudslide
Watch Prius Surfs Downhill in Rushing Mudslide

"One of the cars looked like a wadded up piece of foil paper", said Franklin.

At least one other resident of Country Club Road had her vehicle carried away too but luckily she wasn't inside it. Wendy Peters' auto was parked near her home when it was picked up and carried off.

The transplant from Dallas, Texas, says he'll keep his Prius and stay in California, but the next time he's told to evacuate, he won't hesitate.

Authorities issued evacuation orders on Tuesday after waves of mud from hills swept down County Club Drive in the Los Angeles foothill suburb.

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