Greek Coast Guard seizes explosives-packed freighter bound for Libya

Greek coastguard impound Tanzanian-flagged freighter with tons of explosives

Greek coastguard impound Tanzanian-flagged freighter with tons of explosives

Greek coast guard officers intercepted a cargo ship en route to Libya on January 9 after it was found to be carrying 29 containers of arms and explosives. A large quantity of explosive agent ammonium nitrate, detonators, and 11 empty petroleum gas tanks were found on the ship.

"The ship was a moving bomb that could have had unforeseeable repercussions on people and the marine environment", according to a Greek Coast Guard e-mailed press release.

The explosives were reportedly loaded on the freighter in the southern Turkish port city of Mersin and destined for Djibouti and Oman.

The crew of five Indians, two Ukrainians and an Albanian were arrested.

Meanwhile, a 2011 arms embargo imposed by the European Union and United Nations prohibits the sale, supply or transfer of arms to Libya.

Following the seize, the ship was directed by the authorities to Heraklion port where a preliminary review took place.

The skipper told investigators that he had been ordered by the ship's owner to sail to the Libyan port of Misurata and not Djibouti, the destination listed in the ship's itinerary.

The eight crew members from the Tanzania-flagged Andromeda were detained and scheduled to appear before a prosecutor on Thursday.

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