Rick & Morty, Community Creator Dan Harmon Apologizes for Sexual Harassment

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As a sitcom writer, she's added her wit to shows like Community, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Modern Family.

Writer and producer Dan Harmon issued the public apology after being called out on social media by his former colleague, the writer Megan Ganz.

"Here's a weird one for you: Last week, I called out my former boss [Dan Harmon] for sexual harassment, and today I'm going to ask you to listen to his podcast", Ganz wrote on Twitter. Harmon was contrite in his response, but it wasn't until he had a chance to speak on his podcast that he gave a clearer picture of what happened in the past with Ganz. Myself included"-by quoting the message and commenting, "Care to be more specific?" Harmon said then that he was "filled with regret and a lot of foggy memories about abusing my position, treating you like garbage". "And so, @danharmon, I forgive you". Til then, at least know I know I was an bad boss and a selfish baby. Harmon also says he knew that his behavior was harming her career, her integrity and her self-esteem.

Harmon has had time to collect his thoughts, and the way he presents what happened during his years of sexually harassing Ganz is created to sound "relatively unremarkable".

After a disclaimer, he launched into a long account of what had happened and gave an apology.

"I was attracted to a writer that I had power over because I was a showrunner", Harmon said in his podcast. I knew that I wasn't doing anybody any favors by feeling these things. "Flirty, creepy, everything other than overt enough to constitute betraying your live-in girlfriend who you're going home to every night". "I'm a mentor. I'm a feminist". "You're the one who actually is seeing things through that lens".

"I broke up with my girlfriend and then I went right full steam into creeping on my employee". "Now it was even less appropriate, after all".

"Now I wasn't in danger of being a bad person".

"I did it by not thinking about it, and I got away with it by not thinking about it".

I said 'I love you, ' and she said the same thing she had been saying the entire time, in one language or another: 'Please, don't you understand that focusing on me like this, preferring me like this, liking me like this, I can't say no to it and when you do it, it makes me unable to know whether I'm good at my job.'
"I waited 6 years for it, but you can find it in 18:38 in", she tweeted.

Once she outright rejected him he says he felt humiliated and says he retaliated. He then explains that he was trying to use his position of power over Ganz to get the romantic relationship with her that he wanted. Furthermore, she tried to explain that his feelings for her, as her boss, made it hard to know if she was any good at her job.

Just treated her cruelly, pointedly, things I would never, ever would have done if she had been male and if I had never had those feelings for her.
"I wanted to show her that if she didn't like being liked in that way then, oh boy, she should get over herself". And I moved on. I've never done it before and I will never do it again, but I certainly wouldn't have been able to do it if I had any respect for women. I made everyone else deal with them. Ganz replied by saying she wished her memories of that time were foggier: "It took me years to believe in my talents again", she continued, "to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number. If we make it a normal part of our culture that we think about it and talk about it, maybe we can get to a better place where this doesn't happen".

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