Silicon Valley's Raw Water Trend Is Dangerous And Stupid

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

If so, "raw water" might be the beverage trend for you.

Silicon Valley is developing a "raw water" obsession. Oh, and they are selling 2.5 gallon jugs of water for $37.

Rachel Yacobozzi, a holistic health coach in San Clemente, Calif., who describes herself on her Instagram page as "in love with her pup, chocolate and sunshine" might as well add Live Water to that list.

Startups such as Live Water in OR deliver untreated spring water on demand and market it as "perfect just the way it is", according to the Live Water website. Drinking water that has been pulled straight from the Earth brings many potential illnesses, not the least of which are typhoid and cholera. We have no idea how many lurk in raw water sources. Cases like the travesty in Flint, Michigan, are very real, and they bring with them very real health consequences. Companies providing raw water seem to be springing up.

One of the major reasons for raw water being a unsafe trend is that human bodies over a long period of time have got used to treated water and the immunity against even less risky bacteria has decreased considerably.

Hello my name is Vibrio cholerae and you my drinker are in for a really crappy time. Pun
Hello my name is Vibrio cholerae and you my drinker are in for a really crappy time. Pun

Community tap water is treated to remove 91 contaminants, but there's little data showing what's actually in raw water, Vince Hill, chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch, told Time magazine. While that belief isn't scientifically supported, other things are - namely that untreated water can itself contain all sorts of harmful elements, and not just intestinal parasites and bacteria. And yes, wild animals will go number two near or even in the most pristine raw water stream out there. The system still filters the water and adds minerals to it. That's why every time you turn the tap for a drink you don't have to ask "hmm, will this refresh me or infect me with something disgusting?"

Michelle Francl, who chairs the chemistry department at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, said truly raw water, which is simply hydrogen and oxygen, is fine to drink - as long as it's clean, which is the issue. "You never know who you'll run into at the spring". Live Water's founder, Mukhande Singh, said that tap water has been poisoned.

On one hand, he is correct; many governments, including the Australian government, have been putting fluoride in the water supply for decades, but that's been for the sake of dental health, not mind control (as far as we can tell).

Perhaps the first question that should be answered is if treated water is safe. It's discouraging to see citizens in one of the world's richest countries kick all that away and expose themselves to the same dangers children in Africa are forced to bear just to feel better than their peers.

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