Sam Rockwell Discusses His Golden Globes Win & Upcoming 'Saturday Night Live' Episode!

Sam Rockwell Saturday Night Live

Sam Rockwell Saturday Night Live

Frances McDormand may have been unnecessarily bleeped by the censors during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, but Sam Rockwell had the opposite problem while hosting Saturday Night Live.

Science show - This is what is going to be remembered by most people as the sketch in which Bannon swore on live TV ... ironically, it was actually really fun before that since we saw him try his best to deal with some idiot kids who really didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Meanwhile, skit co-stars Mikey Day and Cecily Strong rolled with the gaffe and all three of them were able to complete the sketch without any additional hitches.

You can see him break character for just a split second when he realises what he's done (which was apparently bleeped for the LA broadcast, but not for the NY one), but quickly gets back into character, once again screaming at the kids in the room. At which point Rockwell starts losing his temper, and replied, "This isn't a true or false Josh, you can't be this fucking stupid!" He then went on to yell, "Come on!" At which point the kids interrupt with, "Back to the Future?".

He will also be accompanied by first-time musical guest Halsey.

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