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Minister of Defence Mansur Dan-Ali

Minister of Defence Mansur Dan-Ali

The minister said Nigeria was finalising plans to buy jets from the United States. These are the remote causes of the crisis.

Hundreds of Nigerians were killed in the first two days of this year in some of these clashes in Benue and Taraba states.

Dan-Ali also said that the Military Pension Verification Exercise conducted in the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory enabled the Military Pension Board to update its data payroll.

He made this known in the meeting held yesterday between the National Security Council and the President at Aso Villa. Some people were caught with arms and they call themselves Forest Guards or whatever with AK47.

"Whatever crisis that happened at any time, there has to be remote and immediate causes", the minister said. These are the remote causes of the crisis.

Since the nation's independence, we know there used to be a route where the cattle rearers take as they are all over the nation. In that killings you are talking about they are also militias that also did the killings. If those routes are blocked, what happens?

"These people are Nigerians". But what are the immediate causes? These people are Nigerians and we must learn to live together with each other. "Communities and other people must learn how to accept foreigners within their enclaves".

"So, anybody carrying any arm is doing so illegally".

"Militias were caught in the same land doing the same killings, so the killings are not done by any particular group, is a communal issue".

"There is nowhere in this country where arms are allowed to be carried apart from legitimate security forces".

He said the decision was "in compliance with the presidential directive for the establishment of National Commission on the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons in the country".

Omokri expressed worry that Mansur Dan-Ali, a minister of defence would defend the gruesome actions of Fulani herdsmen against the plights of Nigerians.

He said the committee will be inaugurated Thursday at the office of the NSA.

He said the meeting discussed the terms and conditions of the purchase "and agreed that the conditions are a bit stringent".

He said the cost of the aircraft is $494 million, including for training and maintenance capabilities.

The Minister of Defence, Brig.

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