Health Dept. investigating improper handling of raw meat at California supermarket

Vendor brings raw meat into 99 Ranchero by shopping cart in San Jose California

Vendor brings raw meat into 99 Ranchero by shopping cart in San Jose California

Is apologizing after a photo of shopping carts loaded with raw pork being delivered to their store hit the internet.

"We were at the 99 Ranch Market across from this Costco and saw their vendors delivering meat with Costco shopping carts!".

Officials have launched a health investigation after photos showed men delivering unwrapped meat in shopping carts earlier this month to a 99 Ranch Market in San Jose. "Talk about disgusting!" Seto wrote.

This all happened in front of the 99 Ranch Market in San Jose. Maria Moon, an office manager for the company, that the meat came from her company and said the two employees seen pushing the carts into the store have been fired.

"We are taking immediate steps to conduct a thorough investigation and appropriate actions to ensure food safety for the public", the statement said.

"99 Ranch Market is committed to food safety and customer satisfaction". "This isn't anything we typically do".

99 Ranch commented on the post saying that the store "immediately discarded on-hand inventories of the related pork products" and filed a complaint against the vendor, identified by KNTV as Jim's Farm Meat. "That's how it left our facility".

"Whatever (the two employees did) is nothing we would have approved", Moon said to the Bee. "Again, thank you for your patience and understanding". Though federal law in the United States does not require stores stamp "sell by" or "use by" dates on pork products, most stores do so anyway, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

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