BC to allow private cannabis retailers, as long as local communities approve

Medical Marijuana In Texas

Medical Marijuana In Texas

What will the rules around drug-impaired driving look like?

To promote "responsible use", the Province says licensed retailers won't be able to sell cannabis in the same stores as liquor or tobacco.

Public and private non-medical cannabis retail stores will be permitted to sell dried cannabis, cannabis oils that comply with federal requirements and seeds. Public and private retailers will have similar operating rules. "First, we have to establish a wholesale distribution system and prepare its operations for when the federal government is expected to legalize cannabis later this year".

No cap will be placed on the amount of retail licenses made available and individual municipalities will have input around the licenses being issued.

Local governments will have veto power that will give them the authority to make local decisions, based on the needs of their communities.

A release from the government stated that non-medical retail shops will not be co-located with any other businesses, like liquor stores or pharmacies.

According to the minister, the first non-medical marijuana retailers will likely open their doors in "late summer".

"So far, I'm kind of impressed", Gill said.

Lane, however, criticized the plan for what he called a few "very odd provisions", including one that doesn't allow dispensaries to grow and sell their own product.

How much will I be able grow at home? .

No cannabis use in vehicles will be allowed, and marijuana will have to be in a sealed package, or "inaccessible to vehicle occupants", when it's being transported. All occupants of the vehicle will be banned from using the substance.

If you are found to be driving while high, you'll be subject to a new 90-day administrative driving prohibition.

The current zero-tolerance restrictions for the presence of alcohol for drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) will be expanded to include zero tolerance for the presence of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

It's unclear, however, what methods or technology law enforcement will use to apprehend drug-impaired drivers.

- Personal possession of non-medicinal marijuana for people who are at least 19 will be limited to 30 grams.

Consumption of recreational cannabis will be banned in beaches, parks, playgrounds and other places where children gather.

People will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants per household, although the plants can not be visible "from public spaces off the property".

"Local governments will also be able to set additional restrictions on places of use as they do now for tobacco", Farnworth says.

"As usual, the BC NDP have dithered and delayed in making another actual decision", Liberal critic Mike Morris said in a statement Monday. It also reflects feedback received from local governments. "Stay tuned, the NDP just isn't quite sure".

Gill said he's happy that B.C.is not following in Ontario's footsteps, where only the Liquor Control Board of Ontario will be authorized to sell cannabis in stand-alone stores.

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