Zuma summons ministers to urgent cabinet meeting

Zuma summons ministers to urgent cabinet meeting

Zuma summons ministers to urgent cabinet meeting

Media speculation that the ANC would show Zuma the door on Monday proved to be just that.

However, Zuma refused to step down, telling the party's leadership that he had done nothing wrong and that only the national executive committee (NEC) had the powers to recall him.

Sources within the ANC has indicated that Zuma is expected to resign no later than Thursday morning, failing which, the governing party will institute its own motion of no confidence in him in Parliament.

The NEC will also discuss preparations for the annual state of the nation address on Thursday evening, the speech at the opening of parliament during which the president outlines the government's legislative agenda for the year.

Asked about the ongoing talks surrounding Zuma, ANC spokeswoman Khusela Diko said: "There is no crisis within the ANC, we are used to robust discussions". Although Zuma retains the support of a faction within the ANC, he no longer holds a top post. His allies won a clear majority of the seats in the National Working Committee, the body that oversees the day-to-day running of the ANC.

The ANC said it respected the right of citizens to protest in a disciplined and peaceful manner.

This week the heads of just about every big - and small - mining company in the world has been in Cape Town for the annual African Mining Indaba, acted out against the twin dramas of Mr Zuma's final days and a crippling drought which threatens to make this attractive city the first in modern history to run out of water. However, many former supporters have abandoned him and commentators believe enough ruling party members might join the opposition to oust him in a parliamentary motion of no confidence scheduled on February 22.

"Zuma told them that he has survived eight or nine votes of no confidence and he believes he will survive another one".

If he lost the vote, his entire cabinet would have to step down.

Monday's meeting can not directly oust the president.

"Whites use their economic power to buy politicians and now want Zuma to go because they do not have influence over him."

Facing corruption allegations, Mr Zuma was replaced as ANC leader in December.

"They should be ashamed of themselves and the manner in which they behave, they don't represent the new democratic South Africa we live in", the NFP concluded.

"We can not waste R4 million on a [Sona] speech that no one will listen to. who will listen to Zuma?"

"The king is a bargainer, he could help Cyril (Ramaphosa) heal KwaZulu-Natal after Zuma goes".

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