Pearl And A Marina Amiibo For Splatoon 2 Announced

Splatoon 2's Pearl and Marina Getting Their Own amiibo

Splatoon 2's Pearl and Marina Getting Their Own amiibo

Besides a cereal box and a jumbo Pikachu, there hasn't been much going on in the world of amiibo.

In a news it feels like I should have been reporting months ago, Nintendo have revealed that Splatoon 2 hosts Pearl and Marina are finally being made available as part of the amiibo range. But out of the blue, Nintendo have announced a pair of new figures.

The trailer gives us a close-up look at these new figures. Splatoon 2 amiibo are hard to find and new amiibos for the franchise are good.

The announcement comes after the Koshien Tournament in Japan, where the two preformed a "live" hologram concert with the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie.

They will be joined by Goby Arena, a new map coming to the rotation that also is coming soon to the game. First, you've got Pearl, the cute and sassy MC with a talent for spitting fire. In Japanese, the map is called "Aji Furai Stadium" (literally translated to fried mackerel stadium). Returning to the sporty theme, this map is essentially a giant basketball court. Additionally, a new weapon known as the Dark Tetra Dualies will allow players to shoot while rolling and allow up to four dodge rolls in a row.

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