Apple Tells GitHub To Remove Leaked iOS Source Code 'iBoot'

Apple will start focusing on the next two years of updates for its iPhone and iPad operating system

Apple will start focusing on the next two years of updates for its iPhone and iPad operating system

The boot-up source code was later posted on code-sharing website Github, which is now down.

It appears, however, that Apple's action came a bit late, as the source code, which the company said involves the soon-to-exit iOS 9, has been backed up and circulated online. Unfazed, Apple said the incident will not amount to a serious security threat.

Still, there are parts of the leaked code that remain applicable to the latest iOS version, which indicates there could be openings for hackers to do their work.

The leaked code began with the statement: "This document is the property of Apple Inc".

Those contacts told the tech publication that the intern didn't have it out for Apple because of personal gripes, but rather that they convinced him to in order to contribute to security research they had been conducting.

The code, for instance, has been validated as legitimate, and the solid proof is Apple's takedown action following the GitHub posting. With copies of the source code freely circulating on the web, the chance is high that someone could dig deeper and unearth possible exploits. Later it was mentioned that iOS 9 and other old versions, run on around 7% of all the iDevices in the world.

"I was really paranoid about it getting leaked immediately by one of us", another one of the original people to receive the code said.

At best, the leaked code might lead to the discovery of vulnerabilities and creation of jailbreaks that will be confined to iOS 9.

The most recent software update is iOS 11, and the company claims that over 93% of current Apple users are using iOS 10 or above.

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