Make female circumcision legal, says Muslim scholar

Infografik Vorkommen FGM in einigen Ländern ENG

Infografik Vorkommen FGM in einigen Ländern ENG

Dr Selim was against the ban being introduced. He also said that female circumcision is an "inherited" practice and that parents should be permitted to have it carried out on their daughters if their doctor deems it necessary.

A paediatrician at Enugu State Teaching Hospital (ESUTH), Dr. Juliet Ochi, has said Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) can cause difficulty in child birth.

Dr Ali Selim of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland has said he advocates female circumcision.

"... The United Nations says more than 200 million girls and women in 30 countries are now living with the harmful and risky consequences of female genital mutilation". We see female circumcision in the same way we see male circumcision.

U.N. News Centre: With rising number of girls at risk, world in "race against time" to end female genital mutilation - U.N.

"It has been described in a awful way, it's always described as "barbaric" and we always hear the term mutilation, it is portrayed as a dark skin practice, or something that belongs in the Dark Ages. It is not an obligation, but it should be allowed by law if needed and a medical doctor can decide if it is needed or not", he said.

"If it's inherited it doesn't have to be rejected, it has to be considered and not rejected just because it's inherited", he said.

When asked whether he believed it should be carried out for cultural or religious reasons, he said: "In the Koran it says clearly, ask of the people of knowledge if you do not know, so it means you ask a medical doctor", he said.

Dr Selim, who also teaches Arabic at Trinity...

He also said that you "cannot control people" and people will travel overseas for the procedure. "A doctor has to say they are in need of it, they have to say there is a medical need for it", he said.

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