Man scales fence, runs to plane at LAX

Man arrested after making his way onto runway at Los Angeles International Airport

Man arrested after making his way onto runway at Los Angeles International Airport

A man was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday evening after he made his way onto a runway.

A view of Los Angeles International Airport on February 10, 2018, when police said a man left a departing plane and got onto a runway.

A Southwest Airlines pilot first saw the man running on the tarmac.

The suspect had grabbed the landing gear extinguisher and set it off, which set off the cockpit alarm, Pedregon said.

He told police officers he was trying to fly to Downey - a Los Angeles suburb about 18 miles east of the airport - Pedregon said. A police dog bit Hernandez before being captured, reported KNBC, an NBC affiliate in Los Angeles. After an evaluation, police believed Hernandez was "under the influence of some kind of narcotic or had mental illness".

Hernandez was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and felony vandalism, Pedregon said.

The Southwest jet, heading to Sacramento, had been preparing for takeoff when Hernandez approached the wheel well.

No one was injured and apparently the passengers were transferred to another Southwest flight which took off for Sacramento within about an hour of the incident.

Police immediately rushed to Runway 24 Left and found a man who had scaled the 12-foot fence that surrounds the airfield.

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