'Trump' and 'Kim' thrown out of the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony

'Trump' and 'Kim' thrown out of the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony

'Trump' and 'Kim' thrown out of the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony

Roh continued the efforts, which saw North and South Korea pursue now-stalled economic cooperation projects and reunions of families separated since the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.

A senior United States administration official told reporters that Pence did not discuss North Korea's invitation to Moon when the two leaders watched short track speed skating together. They handed the torch over to figure skater Yuna Kim, a South Korean who won the gold medal in 2010 and the silver medal in 2014 who lit the Olympic cauldron.

"I think in the United States of America, just as in France - where the president was impressed on Bastille Day - we can celebrate our troops, not in any way ever be associated with the provocations of the North".

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in for talks in Pyongyang, South Korean officials said on Saturday, setting the stage for the first meeting of Korean leaders in more than 10 years. And female ice hockey players from both Koreas will compete as one team. Korean athletes marched with a flag showing the whole peninsula at nine global events, including the Olympics and Asian Games.

There have been communication difficulties between the players - a three-page dictionary was produced to help ease the linguistic differences between those from the north and south - while there has been some opposition to the team's formation with some feeling that South Koreans had been forfeited to make way for the 12 North Korean players who had to be added.

He also ratcheted up his rhetoric on the North's human rights abuses in a speech to US service members at Yokota Air Base in Japan. Politico described it as a close call for Pence: "Vice President Mike Pence's Olympic visit to Pyeongchang, South Korea, began Friday with a close call with the North Korean officials, whom the vice president appeared to avoid at a diplomatic reception before the opening ceremonies".

Pence said Friday the USA would oppose talks between the two Koreas until the North agreed to open negotiations on ending its nuclear program.

It took some doing to get to this point, even after North Korea agreed at the last minute to send athletes to the Winter Olympics.

The North Korean sports program typically picks the top athletes from regional competitions at an early age and brings them to the capital to train in special schools and academies for many years, according to Young.

At the opening ceremony, Pence and the North Koreans, who were seated in the row behind him, studiously ignored each other, even as Moon and his wife turned around to greet the North Koreans warmly.

Only 22 will dress to play Saturday night, leaving Murray the hard task of deciding whether to play any of the North Koreans or sit some of the South Koreans she has worked with for many weeks.

North Korea is under a heavy United Nations sanctions regime which was originally targeted at stopping the proliferation of arms and nuclear and missile technologies, but has become more all-encompassing after its accelerated missile testing.

Sarah Murray, the Canadian coach of the Korean team, said she and her staff have intentionally played down the historic nature of the team since the players are facing enough challenges with the late addition of the North Korean players.

They were cheered wildly by a crowd which appeared loudest for the North Korean performance, although none of the spectators wore national symbols representing either side.

They met the unified Korea team and took group pictures with the players on the rink after the game.

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