Trump is on board with a Jeanine Pirro book to rebut Michael Wolff

The Times said Pirro, who has had a friendly relationship with Trump since the 1980s, is believed to have pitched a book to the president over lunch, "as a plum opportunity to present a counterpoint to Mr. Wolff".

Taking aim at the Central Intelligence Agency, which found out about the Porter allegations during his security clearance process, Gorka said "if they want to gum up the works, if they want to make the Trump Administration's job harder and harder, they play bureaucratic slow rolls".

The new book, known informally by West Wing staff as "No Fire, No Fury", would seek to rebuke the notion pushed throughout Wolff's book that Trump is unstable and unfit for the presidency.

Pirro's book comes during a time of intrigue into the Trump White House. Among an array of wild and thinly sourced claims, Wolff wrote that, including his top advisors and family members, questioned his intelligence.

In a statement issued through Fox News on Saturday, Pirro denied that her project would serve as a "direct response to "Fire and Fury, '" adding, "The title on Amazon always has been and continues to be 'Liars, Leakers and Liberals" and I plan to cover all of them".

Citing the prerequisite anonymous sources, The Times reported that Trump agreed to be interviewed for the book, saying he has "seethed" for weeks about the depiction of himself in Wolff's book.

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