Trump's budget to request border wall funding

White House poised to kick-off infrastructure plan

White House poised to kick-off infrastructure plan

Those in which state and local governments pick up most of the tab will be viewed more favorably.

The White House on Sunday evening revealed several parts of the budget that called for spending increases but didn't detail a single area it planned to propose cutting.

The first is that the country has been under-investing in infrastructure, leading a state of growing disrepair. "This includes roads and bridges, airports, waterways and ports, transit, passenger rail, water and sewer systems, public facilities, energy, broadband and telecommunications networks", the group of government associations stated.

"Not only are we not walking away from the federal responsibility, we're taking even more responsibility to ensure that we get infrastructure funding and permitting on a sustainable track for generations", the senior administration official said. The fund would largely help with government accounting rules, but it would go toward federal building projects. Major mass transit projects are often funded on a 50-50 federal-local basis.

"That's how we get from a $100 billion investment in incentives and the $20 billion investment expanding our loan programs, to $1.5 trillion in new investment infrastructure nationwide".

The proposal also includes 50 billion United States dollars for infrastructure projects in rural areas.

⦁ A $20 billion expansion in loan program and private activity bonds to finance projects. The administration official said the plan will also seek to expand eligibility for Pell Grants and adding more flexibility to license requirements for people looking to enter some type of trade rather than a four-year college.

An official described transformative projects as ones that "lift the American spirit" as opposed to just rebuilding what's already there.

The remaining $10 billion would go into a capital financing fund, which the administration says would go toward funding federal government office building infrastructure.

Trump has offered a framework that would provide a path to citizenship for about 1.8 million immigrants, but also called for border-wall funding and changes to family-based immigration and the diversity visa lottery.

Government auditors note Congress transferred $140 billion to the Highway Trust Fund from 2008 through 2015.

The proposal, to be unveiled the same day as Trump's 2019 budget, faces long odds on Capitol Hill, where members of both parties - particularly Democrats - are skeptical of any plan that fails to create a dedicated new funding stream to address the nation's crumbling infrastructure. He pointed to Los Angeles, where voters decided in 2016 to extend a sales tax indefinitely to pay for transportation improvements, and to more than two dozen states that have raised their fuel taxes in recent years.

"Following last week's congressional passage of a two-year spending plan, Mulvaney said the administration was also seeking "$21 billion to jumpstart key elements of the infrastructure initiative". Many in Washington believe that Trump should have begun his term a year ago with an infrastructure push, one that could have garnered bipartisan support or, at minimum, placed Democrats in a bind for opposing a popular political measure.

One senior administration official said that President Trump and his Cabinet will be traveling across the nation to sell the infrastructure plan.

"This in no way, shape, or form should be considering a take-it-or-leave-it proposal", said a official. "This is the start of a negotiation". "But I would expect this one to be completely irrelevant and totally ignored", said Jason Furman, a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama.

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