Winter Olympics opening ceremony sees Intel use record 1218 drones

Moon Jae In Kim Yo Song handhake

Moon Jae In Kim Yo Song handhake

Mr. Pence was reported to have said he reached the new understanding with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has been pushing for diplomatic solution to the standoff over North Koreas nuclear and missile programs, in two substantive conversations during his visit to South Korea.

"President Moon and President Trump are completely aligned in their objective for a nuclear free Korean Peninsula", Pence said.

Moon has been pressing the North to engage with the United States to de-escalate tensions between the countries, which have been fueled by a string of nuclear tests that were met with strong rhetoric from President Donald Trump.

A South Korean government official said Seoul's stance was that separate talks with North Korea by South Korea and the United States should both lead the denuclearisation of the North while sanctions and pressure continue to be applied.

According to reports, internet access and Wi-Fi shut down on Friday during the game's opening ceremonies. President Moon is very sandwiched between the North Korean leader and the American president. "Kim has been masterful at public relations in regard to the summit and playing on feelings for Korean unity", said Robert Manning, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. The year of 2010 saw arguably one of the worst armed provocations by the North, as it sank South Korean corvette Cheonan, killing 46 seamen. It also increases the chances the United States and North Korea will soon begin a process that represents the best hope of preventing a devastating worldwide conflict.

"You will all witness fair and lovely competition, and be at the center of peace on the Korean Peninsula", he said at the ice-breaking ceremony to the guests, which included International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach, North Korea's nominal head of state Kim Young-nam and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The South's Unification Ministry said steps to improve ties would be led by the two Koreas, but with the support of the global community.

Pence did say, however, that Moon shared with him details of his meeting with North Korean leaders, without elaborating.

Vice President Mike Pence is facing backlash for his staunch efforts to ignore North Korean officials at the Winter Olympic Games, even as the two Koreas continued their temporary truce, marching and competing as one team.

"We would like to see you at an early date in Pyongyang", Kim Yo Jong told Moon during the lunch, and also delivered her brother's personal letter that expressed his "desire to improve inter-Korean relations", the Blue House said. South Koreas presidential Blue House also had no immediate comment.

Later, Pence echoed the tough stance being taken by Donald Trump against Kim Jong Un's continued nuclear tests. "But if you want to talk, we'll talk".

In a rare honour for visiting foreign guests, Moon met Kim's sister, Kim Yo Jong, four times during the delegation's three-day visit. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said the display sent "a powerful message of peace".

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